Gifts for All God’s Children has always had the mission of reaching at-risk children in order to share the love of Christ by providing them with gifts and life essentials.  In recent years that vision has expanded to include connecting these children to the Christ is a more direct way.  That’s why GFAGC’s latest in outreach is to establish a Connecting Kids to Christ Center on Detroit’s Northeast side.  Through the partnership of GFAGC and East Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Detroit, this center has the following goals:

  • Connecting Kids to Christ through an exciting Sunday School bible curriculum and multi-media activities and technology
  • Growing the Sunday School program, congregation and body of Christ at East Bethlehem where the CKC Center is housed
  • Growing the body of Christ through evangelism and discipleship
  • Building family time and memories
  • Revitalizing the local neighborhood through the gospel and child- focused activities and programs
  • Providing safe, wholesome Christian fellowship for children and adults
  • Enlisting and establishing suburban youth groups to become missionaries to the city
  • Building Christian relationships between city and suburbs
  • Providing life essential gifts, services and events for at risk children and their families.

At risk children and their families will be:

  • Invited to GFAGC sponsored events at East Bethlehem Lutheran Church, site of the Connecting Kids to Christ Center, in order to provide the children with Valentine, Easter, Back to School and Christmas events and gifts that include clothes, hygiene products, bibles and books, and event appropriate toy items and parties
  • Treated year ’round to family games, fun, food, entertainment and a Christian message 
  • Invited to attend the services, Sunday School, VBS, Summer Camps and other programs offered through East Bethlehem and Gifts For All God’s Children all year 
  • Followed up by attendance, home calls, person to person and other invitations to programs that can connect them to Christ through CKC Center activities

Also engaged will be:

  • Youth groups from suburban churches who will minister the gospel and build relationships with local city children
  • Adult volunteers from suburban churches who will give their time and talents in the CKC Center and East Bethlehem programs and events sponsored by GFAGC.
  • Other service organizations, church and lay groups who can volunteer for everything from facility repair, renovations, to food preparation for our center and events

The goals of the project are to “throw out the net” in order to:

  • Proclaim the gospel to at risk children and their families by connecting them to the services, sacramental classes, Confirmation preparation and discipleship through East Bethlehem Lutheran Church and the programs and events offered through Gifts For God’s Children with the biblically centered Christian focused programs sponsored by GFAGC and East Bethlehem  through the Connecting Kids to Christ Center
  • Partner with East Bethlehem in an exciting Sunday School outreach by building the curriculum and adding programs for the family like Bible Movie Family time, outdoor services, and events throughout the year that are sponsored by GFAGC
  • Encourage family members to attend services by promoting in-service children’s features like choir songs, group performances and after- service family events
  • Gather children and their families in a safe environment and provide them year ’round fellowship with Christian peers, hopefully changing the nearby community to know Christ
  • To enlist and establish missionary teams of youth from the suburbs
  • To enlist and establish adult work teams of men and women to volunteer talents and assist in the events and programs sponsored at the church and the Center.
  • To build relationships between the people of the suburbs and the city