Gifts For All God’s Children began at Faith Lutheran Church in Troy in 1988.  Its purpose was to reach out to at-risk children who might not have gifts for Christmas. That year 187 children received gifts from 3 Detroit locations.  Twenty seven years later GFAGC is reaching 3,000 children per year from 43 different city locations. The children we serve are recommended to us by churches, private and public schools and local organizations.  The gifts are provided for them in two ways.  Either the children’s gifts are purchased specifically for them by individuals from suburban churches, businesses or schools or the gifts are selected by volunteers who choose from items at our Christmas Workshop and warehouse.  The gifts are then distributed to families at Christmas parties, following Christmas Eve church services at a church or they are delivered to the homes in the city.

As we have grown we have seen the need to come alongside the churches, ministries and children’s organizations in Detroit, Pontiac, Flint and elsewhere.  The need is great and the workers and resources are few.  We are striving to help these organizations find resources and volunteers in an effort to help them to meet the needs of the children they work with.  We hold Christmas, Valentine and Easter parties, distribute School supplies and uniforms, as well as summer camping opportunities including Day Camps, Overnight Camp, and Sports Camp.

GFAGC has always relied on prayer but we formally began Prayer For The Children, Prayer For The City and Prayer Impact.  All of these prayer initiatives are the foundation for all our activities.

In the last year grants were awarded to GFAGC in order to establish its first “Connecting Kids to Christ” (CKC) Center at East Bethlehem church in Detroit.  This center officially opened on September 20.   We are reaching into the neighborhood around our center to bring children and their families into fellowship with East Bethlehem, GFAGC and with one another.  We follow up with each child who attends any of our events along with a Sunday School partnership.  We are teaching and training the children in Christian values and citizenship.  As the center grows we plan to add tutoring in the basics of reading, writing and math.