Christmas Outreach Program



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This program started in 1987 at Faith Lutheran in Troy.

We have provided gifts to more than 83,000 children in our community. We praise God for giving us this connection with the children and that He has included us in His plan.

We know there is a great need as we go through these turbulent times, and we appreciate any help and assistance you can offer to make a difference in the lives of these children.

There are four ways you can impact underserved youth this Christmas:


Click here to sponsor a child and do the shopping

Sponsorships Closed for 2023


Purchase items and ship them to our workshop

Donate and We Will Do the Shopping

If you would prefer that we do the shopping for a child (or children), you can opt to donate below.

Suggested Donations:


$30 will provide a child with hygiene items, socks and underwear


$100 will provide a child with a toy, books, clothing and hygiene items.


$300 will provide two children in our area with all of the above plus a warm winter coat each.





Sponsor A Child

When you sponsor underserved youth in our community, you meet their needs while sharing God’s love and the joy and hope they might otherwise lack this Christmas season. Of course, these kids need essentials like clothing, pajamas, and hygiene items, but books and toys are also important! 

If you decide to become a sponsor, we ask that you give each child five gifts; this ensures that each child in a family receives the same number of presents as their siblings who might be sponsored by someone else.    

Please consider asking friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors to join you in sponsoring a child (or children!) this year.


Sponsorships Closed for 2023

Thank you so much for impacting the life of a child this Christmas! If you have any questions, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GFAGC Christmas Sponsorship program work?

All year long, we partner with churches and local charities to help them reach out to the children and families in their communities and to connect them to Christ. Our largest program is the Christmas Sponsorship program. Our partners send their requests for families in their churches or ministries that need help to provide Christmas gifts for their children. The children are identified as belonging to families or foster homes that are financially impoverished. GFAGC finds sponsors for the children, coordinates and distributes all of the gifts.

Who are the children being sponsored?

We sponsor underserved children in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac and surrounding areas that have been identified by churches and charities.

How many children can I sponsor?

You can sign up for any number of children that you wish to sponsor. 

Will I know who I am sponsoring?

Yes. You will know the first name of the child, their age, gender and sizes for purchasing clothing. You will know their gift wishes and favorite activities. All other information is kept confidential to protect the children.

What will I need to purchase for each child?

Each child will receive multiple gifts (5-6 gifts). An example would include the following gift ideas: Clothes, Pajamas, Hat/Gloves, Book, Toy/Game.

How do I know what to purchase as gifts?

You will receive an ID tag for the child (children) you are sponsoring. The information will provide a suggested list. You will also receive gender, age and sizes.

If you are buying toys that require batteries, please provide these. Extra batteries are appreciated.

Are there any restrictions or items that I should not provide as gifts?

Please do not buy toy guns, knives, swords, or vampire books. You may include a gift receipt but no gift cards, cash, store receipts, or price tags.

How do I package the gifts?

Here are the instructions for wrapping the gifts:

  • Wrap in tissue paper and put in gift bags.
  • Write the child’s name on each gift.
  • Put all the gifts in a plastic bin or large decorated plastic bag.
  • Attach the ID tag that has been filled out.
When and where do I deliver the gifts?
Drop off by December 5th (Monday – Thursday) between 9:30 am and 7:30 pm or ship to:

Gifts For All God’s Children Workshop
First Congregational Church
1315 N. Pine Street
Rochester, MI 48307

Note: Our building section is through Door D; please park in the lot on Oak Street behind the Church. Door D will be on the side of the building.

The ID tag and delivery information are also listed on the sponsorship instructions.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

You can send inquiries and questions to