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Connecting Kids to Christ (CKC) Tutoring is a one-on-one tutoring program that builds a foundation of success on Jesus Christ and academic progress. Proverbs 9:10 tells us that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” We see here how to attain a measure of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

What better basis for building a foundation for success that is even beyond the natural?

To gain these virtues, we incorporate into our program, prayer and Superbook, a cartoon format of bible accounts and lessons for kids. It is a production of CBN with their team of artists that have credits in the making of Mulan, Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, complete with the latest CGI technology. It establishes God’s Word for their hearts and gives direction for their lives. With a mission of connecting kids to Christ and an academic program of excellence, children can be prepared for today and tomorrow.

CKC Tutoring has a core component of the IXL online Adaptive program for learning. It is a vehicle for grade-level skill sets from Pre-K to 8th Grade Calculus. IXL is aligned with Michigan Benchmarks and Standards for learning expectations. It uses test-taking strategies and vocabulary so the student can unlock questions on a standardized test and be able to answer with understanding. If a student does not answer a question correctly, you merely scroll down below and it will give a mini-lesson on how to solve. If the student makes three mistakes in a row, (without notice to the student), IXL will move them one step back until they master three in a row and then move them on. The IXL constantly updates student progress and will print out Certificates of Achievement awards, reports and grade level placement. It also directs the tutor or teacher to diagnosed recommendations for the next lessons in all subjects.

In addition, CKC Tutoring uses Storyline Online, a read-aloud of award-winning children’s books according to grade level from K-4th grade. Celebrities read the stories with their acting craft using expression and sometimes role-playing to make the stories come alive. Our program also uses Newsela for grades 4-8 which are high-interest news and informational stories especially for students at their grade level. New additions to our program are made as we evaluate and progress with the needs of our students. Training for the CKC program and Microsoft Teams are provided by staff members after sign up.

We are looking for people who want to serve children as tutors to help them grow as Jesus did, in wisdom (mind of Christ), stature (physically) and favor with God (spiritually) and man (socially). LUKE 2:52 Since CKC Tutoring is now online, it allows the tutor and student to find mutual times and dates for their lessons. Spending an hour a day, one or two days a week couldn’t be easier.

Our tutoring program is something that sets us apart from other organizations. Due to COVID-19 we have made plans to present our tutoring virtually for the students that are interested in tutoring.

The tutors have made a huge impact in the lives of the children in the program.

For more information Click Here or to volunteer contact Susan by completing the form on our Get Involved page.