Planned Giving Donor Spotlight

Jun 19, 2021 | News and Events

Planned Giving Donor Spotlight

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Planned Giving Donor Spotlight: Marsha Bauer, GFAGC Board Chair

  1. What is one of the main reasons you are a donor to GFAGC?
    A: My primary reason for being a donor to GFAGC is that it is in alignment with the legacy I want to leave. Long ago, I knew that I wanted to “leave things better than I found them”. Although I
    know that any support I can provide will not cure the socio-economic and educational challenges that urban children face, I know that God has a plan through me to show His love, care, and concern to them and their families through giving and serving.
  2. Why did you choose to leave a planned gift to GFAGC?
    A: It seemed like a natural choice to include GFAGC in my legacy planning. I have been blessed beyond measure in my life and I am only giving back to the Lord’s work what He has
    given to me. Loving urban children and families and connecting them to Jesus and to one another is a part of the Great Commission.
  3. What is it about the GFAGC mission that motivates you to give/serve?
    A: The GFAGC mission speaks to anyone who loves children and wants to secure a better
    future for them, but it is the mission in action that is highly visible and truly demonstrates what
    can be accomplished by those with hearts to serve.

This is just one story of our many supporters that allows GFAGC to serve so many children and their families, and we hope you find it inspiring and encouraging. As you are planning for your future, please keep the future of GFAGC in mind and consider including GFAGC in your estate planning. Interested in learning more? Please contact us at and we can connect you to people that can help.