Special Thanks to the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

Dec 30, 2020 | News and Events

Special Thanks to the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

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At the end of this year, we would like to give our thanks to Lutheran Women’s Missionary League for the very needed grant of $25,000 over the past two years in order to extend our Connecting Kids to Christ Tutoring program.  With their generosity, we were able to reach children from the Sunday school, the summer camp with our IXL program, face to face and online tutoring, totaling over 100 children during this grant period.  Thank you, LWML for the sacrifices and generosity of so many!

We had more than 90 students in our IXL online Adaptive learning program 4 times a week during summer camp and have sent them an invitation to join us in the New Year.  In total, we have reached nearly 125 children since 2018.

This grant assisted us in engaging a much larger community through the help of those at East Bethlehem and increasing each student’s math and reading levels.

Through tutoring, Sunday school, church partnerships, visitors and parents, and the Ekklesias from the Missionary at Large, engagement has involved nearly all the congregants at East Bethlehem.  Many of these have connected due to having children or grandchildren in tutoring or Sunday school or in the Ekklesias.  Nearly every woman attending has either volunteered at tutoring, Sunday school, Gifts For All God’s Children events at East Bethlehem or attended Women’s Ministry events.  Healthy men who attend have helped in maintenance, security, or attendance at Bible studies.

Students who attend regularly have made progress, but in particular, one fifth grade student who began in September of 2020 has moved 30 percentiles between September and December 2020 according to his standardized testing.  Then, when he received a new puppy for Christmas, his father sent us a video of him reading a passage on World War II to the dog, who by the way sat contently listening!  His father was impressed that he was able to attack the difficult words and concepts in the account.  The student too was winning the war for academic success as he was reading about warfare strategies.

When attending regularly, CKC Tutoring works!

Thank you to the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League for making this possible.