2021 Christmas Outreach in Review

Jan 7, 2022 | News and Events

2021 Christmas Outreach in Review

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Another year of our Christmas Outreach Program has been a success! If this was your first introduction to our ministry, this program started in 1987 at Faith Lutheran in Troy. Since then, we have provided gifts to more than 77,000 children in our community. We praise God for the opportunity we have to share the love of Christ with underserved youth in Southeast Michigan.

This year—with your generosity—we were able to provide more than 2,600 children with a total of 13,000 Christmas gifts. Your donations and countless volunteer hours spread the joy and light of Christmas and leave behind a positive impact on their lives. The work of Gifts For All God’s Children meets needs and shares the love of Christ with children in need.

Christmas Outreach 2021 Highlights

  • More than 2,600 children were included in this program
  • Thousands of gifts were wrapped in our Auburn Hills “Christmas Workshop”
  • 15 churches participated in our program
  • Students in five local schools had the opportunity to shop for gifts
  • Seven businesses and service organizations also supplied donations

If you are interested in learning more about this year’s program, click here for our 2021 Christmas Summary that highlights our generous contributors and grateful recipients here.

Personal Stories

We also wanted to share a few stories from those we have helped this year! Names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Jane and Joanna

Jane and Joanna lost their father last year due to Covid. They had been living with their father’s aunt at the time, but she threw them out shortly after the death of their father. Their aunt changed the locks and left them, their mother, and two other siblings homeless. She would not let them collect their personal belongings. Since there was no lease or written agreement, their mother could do nothing.

A different family member took them in. This family member lived down the street from one of our Good News Gang families. Through this connection, we began bringing Jane and Joanna to our program, and we signed them up for Gifts for all God’s Children. The mother was so grateful she was in tears. Without Gifts For All God’s Children, she would be unable to give her children Christmas presents, as she is still trying to find a home and replace all that they have already lost.

The Woods Family

The Woods family’s home was broken into, and in the process, the door handle and lock were damaged. They cannot afford to repair the damage and have been living with a permanently unlocked door. The mother is single and does not have strong family support that she can rely on. Without the support of Gifts For All God’s Children, her children would not receive gifts this year.

Juliana and Hope

Juliana and Hope’s mother was hospitalized last year due to a mental health condition. Due to this, Juliana and Hope, and their other siblings are now living with their grandmother. They are extremely grateful for the support given by Gifts For All God’s Children and the gifts they received this year.

Be sure to check out the photo gallery below of this amazing feat accomplished through the Grace of God and your generosity!