CKC Sundays: Connecting Kids to Christ

May 26, 2022 | News and Events

CKC Sundays: Connecting Kids to Christ

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At Gifts For All God’s Children, our mission is to be a conduit of God’s generous love. You are probably familiar with our tutoring, our  Christmas Outreach Program, and Christmas in July. But today, we wanted to focus on a program you might not be as familiar with—Connecting Kids to Christ (CKC) Sundays.  

What are CKC Sundays? This virtual Sunday School program takes place from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and focuses on true stories of God’s love. CKC Sunday School comes right to a computer, iPad, or other smart device so children can join their peers from the comfort of their own homes.  Because it is virtual, any child from any location can join the program.  Since its inception in 2020, we have had 80 children participate! 

Superbook Academy

Our teachers use Superbook Academy as a resource during lessons. For those unfamiliar with Superbook, this program offers over 60 courses and 180 individual lessons that feature in-depth Bible studies, fun games, and ready-to-print crafts that drive home those Biblical truths. These 3D cartoon presentations are so close to scripture that adults can also learn something as well!  

One recent lesson focused on sharing the story of Jacob and Esau. The main lesson, or SuperTruth, was “I will forgive others as Jesus has forgiven me.” Even if a relationship seems broken, God’s grace and love can heal it.  

Lesson Materials

To supplement the Superbook lessons, our volunteers assemble packets for each quarter which contain three months of materials. They are then distributed through East Bethlehem in Detroit. These packets come complete with scripture verses, coloring sheets, games, puzzles and craft supplies—all to keep the virtual lesson interactive.  

The children especially love the crafts, and it is incredible to see how creative they are! For example, they decorated crowns during the Easter lesson to remind them that Jesus is King.   

How to Join

If you would like more information or if your child is interested in attending, please reach out to Cormellon at . Once a child is registered, the parent or guardian will receive a Zoom invitation from our director each CKC Sunday. Parents and guardians are a vital link between their child and our program. 

We are very thankful for each CKC Sunday and our director, teachers, volunteers and especially the children who join us.  We look forward to sharing God’s love with you and your children too!